Spending a Week in Detroit with Family

Detroit, the Motor City, is a captivating destination that offers a blend of rich history, vibrant culture, and revitalized neighborhoods. With its diverse attractions, Detroit guarantees a memorable family vacation. Moreover, a short trip to Frankenmuth, a charming Bavarian village located just one hour away, adds a touch of enchantment to your itinerary. After spending time in Detroit with my family, I felt like putting this post together to provide some great ideas for others traveling to the area!

Day 1: Exploring Detroit

Begin your adventure by visiting the iconic Detroit Institute of Arts. The museum boasts an impressive collection of over 65,000 artworks, including pieces by world-renowned artists like Van Gogh and Diego Rivera. After immersing yourselves in art, head to the nearby Detroit Historical Museum. Through captivating exhibits and interactive displays, this museum narrates the city’s captivating past, from its automotive heritage to Motown’s soulful history.

Day 2: Discovering Detroit’s Gems

Kick off the day by taking a stroll along the Detroit RiverWalk, a scenic pathway that offers breathtaking views of the river and skyline. From here, embark on a guided tour of the Motown Museum, where the legendary Motown Records was born. Relive the magic as you explore the recording studio where artists such as Stevie Wonder and The Supremes once stood.

In the afternoon, head to the Detroit Science Center, a fantastic destination for families. Engage in hands-on exhibits, marvel at the planetarium shows, and challenge your creativity at the Spark!Lab. Conclude the day by catching a game at Comerica Park, home to the Detroit Tigers, and immerse yourselves in the electric atmosphere of America’s favorite pastime.

Day 3: Adventures at the Detroit Zoo

Spend the day surrounded by wildlife at the Detroit Zoo. From majestic lions to playful penguins, the zoo houses a diverse range of animals. Explore the award-winning Arctic Ring of Life, where polar bears and seals glide through icy waters. Don’t miss the giraffe encounter, where you can hand-feed these gentle giants. With numerous educational exhibits and attractions, the Detroit Zoo offers an enjoyable experience for all ages.

Day 4: Journey to Frankenmuth

Take a break from the city and venture to Frankenmuth, a picturesque town that exudes Bavarian charm. Start your visit with a tour of the fascinating Bavarian Belle Riverboat, where you can enjoy a scenic cruise along the Cass River. Afterward, explore Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, the world’s largest Christmas store, and indulge in the holiday spirit all year round. Don’t forget to savor traditional German cuisine at one of Frankenmuth’s renowned restaurants.

Day 5: Family Fun in Frankenmuth

Kick-start the day with a visit to the fascinating Frankenmuth Historical Museum, which showcases the town’s German heritage and its development over the years. Next, embark on an adventure at Zehnder’s Splash Village Hotel & Waterpark, where you can cool off and enjoy thrilling water slides and splash zones. In the evening, treat yourselves to a delicious family-style chicken dinner at one of Frankenmuth’s famous eateries.

Day 6: Back to Detroit’s Delights

Return to Detroit and discover the awe-inspiring Henry Ford Museum. Explore the exhibits that showcase America’s innovation and ingenuity, including the Rosa Parks bus and the Ford Model T. Don’t miss the chance to visit Greenfield Village, a living history museum adjacent to the Henry Ford Museum, where you can step back in time and experience life from different eras.

Day 7: Farewell, Detroit

Wrap up your family adventure with a visit to the Detroit Historic Farmers Market. Explore the bustling market, sample local produce, and perhaps gather some souvenirs to take home. Before bidding farewell to Detroit, take a leisurely stroll through the lively Greektown district, known for its vibrant atmosphere and delectable Greek cuisine.

A weeklong family vacation in Detroit and Frankenmuth offers a plethora of experiences, from immersing yourselves in Detroit’s rich history to reveling in the Bavarian charm of Frankenmuth. With an array of captivating attractions, delectable cuisine, and memorable adventures, this journey promises to create lasting memories for you and your loved ones. So, pack your bags and get ready to embark on a captivating exploration of these enchanting destinations.

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