Top Sites to See in Rome, Italy

As part of our multi-country trip across Europe, we spent a total of five days in Rome, Italy. This ancient city is packed with history and so many amazing sites to see. On one of our days, we traveled over to visit the Vatican.

However, it was not too enjoyable as the place was just packed with so many people. Even for a tour early in the morning, it was already filled up, and hard to make our way through. I am happy that we got to experience it and visit the city and the smallest country in the world, but there were just so many amazing sites to see in Rome. It is very hard to pick our top spots to visit, but I am going to try! Here are some of the amazing sites that we saw on our family vacation to Rome!

The Pantheon

Top Sites to See in Rome, ItalyAs you step into the grandeur of the Pantheon, prepare to be transported back in time. This Roman temple, originally built as a place of worship for pagan gods, is an architectural marvel that has stood the test of time. The moment you enter, your eyes are immediately drawn upward towards the breathtaking dome. This is a true masterpiece of ancient engineering.

The sheer magnitude and symmetry of the Pantheon’s design leave visitors in awe. With its massive Corinthian columns and intricate detailing, it’s no wonder this iconic structure continues to captivate audiences centuries later.

The Pantheon used to be free to enter, but now they charge $5. It’s not unreasonable, given the beauty and significance of the building. However, the organization is horrible. We got tickets for the opening. Apparently, so did everyone else. There was no line to go in, just a very large crowd of people trying to squeeze through a small opening at once. We did find out that this type of “organization” is pretty standard across Italy and Europe.

The Colosseum

The colosseum in Rome, Italy.The Colosseum is one of the most iconic landmarks in Rome, and it’s not hard to see why. This ancient amphitheater stands as a testament to the incredible engineering skills of the Romans. With its massive size and grand architecture, it’s impossible not to be awestruck when you set eyes on this magnificent structure.

Stepping inside the Colosseum is like stepping back in time. You can almost hear the roar of the crowd and feel the anticipation in the air as gladiators prepare for battle. The atmosphere is palpable, and you can’t help but imagine what life was like during those times.

As you explore each level of this colossal arena, you’ll discover fascinating details about how it was used for various events, from gladiator battles to mock naval engagements. Walking through these ancient corridors gives you a glimpse into a bygone era and provides an insight into Roman culture.

From every angle, the Colosseum offers breathtaking views that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re standing outside admiring its majestic facade or looking out over Rome from one of its arches, there’s no denying that this architectural marvel is truly awe-inspiring. This place was AMAZING to see. We climbed up through different layers to view the center and it was just so interesting.

The Trevi Fountain

A picture of the Trevi FountainThe Trevi Fountain is one of the most iconic landmarks in Rome, Italy. It’s a true masterpiece of Baroque architecture and a must-visit site for any traveler exploring the Eternal City.

As you approach the fountain, you’ll be mesmerized by its grandeur and beauty. The sound of water cascading down the marble sculptures creates a soothing ambiance that is simply enchanting. It’s easy to see why so many people are captivated by this stunning work of art.

Legend has it that if you toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain over your shoulder with your back turned, it will ensure your return to Rome. So don’t forget to make a wish and join countless others in this age-old tradition!

The intricate details on every surface of the fountain make it truly remarkable. From Neptune, who stands at the center commanding attention, to Tritons guiding his chariot through crashing waves – every element tells a story. The Trevi Fountain is truly beautiful to see. Like other sites in Rome, this fountain gets extremely busy and is often crowded with others. They say the ideal time to visit is around 5:00 a.m., but I was not getting up for that.

The Roman Forum

Inside the Roman ForumThe Roman Forum is a captivating archaeological site located in the heart of Rome, Italy. Stepping into this ancient wonder feels like stepping back in time, as you are surrounded by the remnants of what was once the epicenter of political and social life in ancient Rome.

Walking through the ruins, you can almost hear the echoes of historical events that unfolded here. From political speeches to grand processions, the Roman Forum witnessed it all. The sheer size and scale of this complex are awe-inspiring, with towering columns and crumbling structures that hint at its former glory.

One notable highlight is the Temple of Saturn, which dates back to 497 BC. This majestic temple served as a symbol of wealth and power for ancient Romans. Another must-see is the Arch of Septimius Severus, an impressive triumphal arch commemorating military victories. This was definitely one of my favorite sites to see in the city. So many parts of the land were so well preserved that it gave you a real feel of how it was back then.

Visiting Rome

We visited several sites in the city and had an amazing time. Here are some more photos from our trip.

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If you ever get the opportunity to travel to Rome, I recommend having at least three full days to explore the city. Even with three full days (we did spend half a day at the Vatican, though), I feel like there was so much that we missed.

One of the BEST places that we ate at during our trip was Er Faciolaro. The food was amazing, and the service was just top-notch! This is in a more touristy area (it is near the Pantheon), but definitely a place to check out!

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